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Get accessible, affordable, and personalized healthcare services in-person or from the comfort of your home.


What is Home Care?

“Home care encompasses a wide range of health and social services. These services are delivered at home to individuals who are recovering, disabled, or chronically ill needing medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment and/or assistance with activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing, getting out of bed, etc.)

Home Care is appropriate whenever an individual prefers to stay at home but requires treatment and care that cannot be easily or effectively provided by family and friends.”

* National Association for Home Care & Hospice, “” 

Our Vision

To build up a home healthcare service aimed at providing compassionate care and assistance customized for every patient to meet their individual health needs through a team of trained and dedicated caregivers.

Our Mission

To create a clinically innovative and culturally appropriate home healthcare service driven by trust, compassion, and empathy vital to meet the need for information, holistic care, support, comfort, and hope of every individual.

Our services

What we offer to you

Palliative Care

If you are worried about getting palliative care advice and treatment for yourself or a loved one, you are at the right place! Arujivn is best for palliative care.

Convalescent Care

Our team of trained caregivers and
nurses will help you when you are back from the hospital after surgery or a medical ailment!

Clinical Services

It all begins with an idea. Arujivn provides clinical services such as screening, assessment, placement, treatment planning, counseling & case management.

Complementary Therapy

You or your family can avail the benefits
of a range of Complementary therapies at the centre or through video based sessions.

Non-Clinical Services

Our trained Caregivers provide support for many of the physical and lifestyle needs that older adults face, from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

End-Of-Life Care Services

Arujivn provides END-OF-LIFE CARE SERVICES. The goal is to control pain and other symptoms so the patient can be as comfortable as possible.


Who are we

Sri Kalpa Bora


Srimati Lakhimee Bora


Dr. Sanghamitra Bora

Medical Director

Mrs Anupama Das

Head – Nursing

Sri Ranjit Kumar Das

Head – Finance


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